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Custom Built Multifunction Furniture designed by Wil Fidroeff

Information Last Updated on January 3rd, 2019
This custom crafted furniture has many uses and abilities.

Convertatable can be used as a stand alone dinette for 4 people.

Convert-a-table can be used in various configurations as a work station with a regular office chair

Convertatable can be easily carried in one hand and reassembled where and as desired.

Convert-a-table can be easily transported in the trunk or back seat of a car.

Convertatable can be used as a bench, coffee table, or game table.

The Convertatable can be put together very compactly for transport and storage.

This is another view of thi2.jpg">
This is another view of this multifunction puzzle furniture.

The convertatable can make two independent work stations, each with various configurations.

You will need a leg, a bench, and the big slotted support to get started.

Start by putting a leg in the bench and the bench on the slotted support.

Carefully rotate the spline on the bottom of the benches into the slotted support.

Carefully rotate the "T" over the two part spline on the bottom of the table.

Attach the table top to the slotted support.

Rotate the spline under the top into and out of the slotted support.

A 4-seater dinette. Lock the supports together with the "slide on" wood clamps.

Ensure the seat leg is positioned under the seat or you could fall and/or break the Convertatable.

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